Survey Results





I got 12 responses back from my survey, 7 females and 5 males. 9 responses reported to being at least a casual fan of one team sport, while 5 said they were passionate fans. I asked what state each student was from and also asked if they could name their home state’s pro or minor league hockey team. 66% of Arizona students correctly named the Coyotes as our NHL team. Out of state students were also 66%, as one did not respond to the question. Five of the 12 students said they were a casual or passionate hockey fan, while 6 said they were indifferent/neutral and 1 said they never had a chance to be a fan.  In order to concentrate on the illnesses of pets within Arizona, I asked people where they were from. Of the people who said they did have a pet, 33.3% lived in Arizona. However, only 40% of those people have had to take their pet to the vet due to illness. It’s hard to say whether or not my questions were framed correctly, but it was interesting to see what different people from different areas knew about hockey. The data is obviously a bit skewed and couldn’t really be used in my project. 


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Freshman at U of A. Bear Down. Really into hockey and music. Jeremiah 29:11.
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