Genre Analysis

1) Describe the social context of the genre

2) define and describe the rhetorical choices within the genre

3) connect the rhetorical choices to the social context to describe the purpose of the genre.

Social Context:

when do you use Wikipedia? How often? What do you get from it that you couldn’t find anywhere else? Why is it useful?

Wikipedia has become a staple in modern society as a quick reference for unofficial-official information. Essentially an online, multi-user contributed encyclopedia, Wikipedia has become as widespread as search engines Google and Yahoo, yet the site has its share of controversial issues. With the easy ability to edit pages and, on certain pages a lack of sourceable information, Wikipedia has its flaws. In some high schools, teachers and upper division faculty prohibit students from using it for research. Multiple times, journalists have been caught taking quotes from Wikipedia that were found to be fabricated, and even once a student from Ireland edited a page of a recently deceased household name, adding a quote to their Wikipedia page just to see how far his quote would go in the media. Proponents of the site say it has multiple uses, from an everyday reference to something usable for research. With a fair share of opponents and supporters alike, the “multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia project” is here to stay.

Arizona Wildcat Hockey

The Arizona Wildcat Hockey Wikipedia page is brief at best. While containing important pieces of the history of the program, much of the information is summed up in a sentence. Successful seasons are denoted, and an overall record is shown. The information is good but leaves out the details, and the page could be formatted much better to look like many of the other sports team pages. Much of the page focuses on the transition from the Icecats to the Wildcats, which is great to have but the page leaves something left to be desired.

The paragraph on the transition from Icecats to Wildcats [or Arizona Wildcats (2011 – )] seems to be written from the angle of a player or fan in support of the change. Instead of using impartial language, the author uses phrases such as, “it became clear that Coach Golembiewski had lost touch with the modern game of hockey…”

This is not a good representation of the club and I feel that this could be cleaned up and written more professionally.

I think this page serves as a resource for those new to Arizona Wildcat Hockey, members of both the Tucson and hockey communities looking for more information and those searching for history of the team. Players and other enthusiasts would be more likely to go directly to their website or visit the ACHA (the league the Wildcats play in) website.


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Freshman at U of A. Bear Down. Really into hockey and music. Jeremiah 29:11.
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One Response to Genre Analysis

  1. Great Kevin. Nice discussion of the social use of Wikipedia, the Icecats page, and how those two combine. I agree, it probably is more of a page for the public, so cleaning it up and making it professional is actually a part of your research project, right? If you want to add photos that counts here. Consider your visual choices carefully. But whatever you can add to make this site a more credible resource will be appreciated by all who visit it. Good work. 10

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