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Arizona IceCats (1979-2011)

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Arizona Icecat alum Jordan Schupan skates with the puck against Arizona State.
Arizona Wildcats (2011- )

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During the month of April 2011, the University of Arizona announced that the hockey club had become officially recognized by the school. Along with afiliation with the Department of Campus Recreation, the move included a name change, as the Icecats became the ‘Wildcats’, managerial changes throughout the whole organization, coaching staff changes, and most importantly the financial backing of the school, all of which were new to the program. [2]

After 32 years of service to the game of Hockey in Tucson, AZ many players felt that Coach Golembiewski had lost touch with the modern game of hockey. The Icecats had only one National Tournament appearance (2005-06) since the streak of 21 straight national tournament appearances ended in 2004. That, combined with two straight seasons going winless against Arizona State University and players feeling that they were not on the same page as Golembiewski led to his dismissal. He was officially relieved of his duties with the organization April 22, 2011 via a press-release put out by the University. [3]

The new Wildcat hockey team, organized under the auspices of the Department of Campus Recreation, continues to play their home games on Friday and Saturday nights at “The Madhouse”. Games are still broadcast online, with streams available on the Wildcat Hockey website. With the changes, current Head Coach Sean Hogan has taken over Golembiewski’s former role behind the bench. Hogan, officially hired on July 18, 2011 and announced as the new Head Coach via press release on July 19 was a former assistant at Western Michigan University (NCAA DI). Hogan is also joined by Associate Coach Dave Dougall and Assistant Coach Larry Desmond, with Cody Nicholls serving as Director of Hockey Operations[4].


The Wildcats, with official school support, now wear the “Block A.”

In the first season under their new name, the Wildcats went 13-18-3 over the course of 34 games. Wins against ranked opponents Oklahoma and Ohio highlighted the year, while the Wildcats struggled against in-state rival ASU. Sophomore Andrew Murmes led the team in scoring. The Wildcats finished the season ranked 25th in the final ACHA Division I rankings. [5]

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Roller Hockey

With the addition of the Wildcats Hockey program to Campus Rec, Roller Hockey also came into the picture for the first time ever in August of 2011. The Wildcats field two teams, a Division I and a secondary “B” team, that compete in the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association. The Roller Hockey club provides an alternative option for hockey players who would rather play roller hockey or don’t make the ACHA Ice Hockey team but still want to play hockey at a competitive level. [13] In 2011, the roller hockey team partnered with the Tucson Youth Hockey Association, Tucson’s only youth roller hockey association. [14]

The Roller Hockey program and Ice Hockey program have yet to form an official partnership. Because of scheduling conflicts, only one player from the Ice Hockey team suited up for the Roller Hockey team in 2011 as David Herman played goalie for the Wildcats in two games against ASU. [15]

[edit] Alumni

Many alums of the Icecat/Wildcat program have gone on to have successful careers in many respected fields. Jeremy Goltz, a former Icecat, played a short stint in the ECHL before returning to become an Assistant Coach for the Icecats in 1995. Goltz eventually moved to Phoenix and in 2006 started Mission Arizona Ice, a youth travel hockey organization in the Phoenix area. From 2008-2010, Goltz was the Head Coach of the Arizona State Universtiy Sun Devils, where he won the 2010 ACHA DI Coach of the Year Award. Goltz continues to coach and operate the Mission AZ Ice program in Phoenix.

University of Arizona Department of Economics lecturer Steve Reff is also an alum of the program. Reff, well-known on campus for his fun and engaging teaching style, was part of the 1980-81 Icecats team that went 17-1 en route to winning the Intercollgiate Pacfic Conference Championship over BYU. [16]

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