Genre Analysis of YouTube Video

YouTube Video from a local Ironman Hockey Tournament I ran in Phoenix.


The YouTube video I chose is a personal video of my own that I made for Smith Hockey Solutions, a small business I operate in my free time. SHS essentially runs hockey tournaments in Phoenix and other parts of Arizona. At these tournaments, people will come and play (either with a team of friends, or will hop onto a random team), hang out and have a good time. My job is to enhance the experience for our customers to make sure they come back. For years, people have enjoyed watching videos of themselves and their experiences, so it only made sense to get in on the fun. 

After tournaments, we’ll post the videos on YouTube and share them on our Facebook page. I’ll also share it on my own personal page. Once people know that it’s out there, they’ll watch it, relive the memories, share it on their wall, etc. It’s a good way to keep customers coming back and also gets them talking about the tournament to their friends, and other hockey players. Free advertising at its finest.

I filmed at the tournament and edited the video with iMovie. The video is set to be semi-formal; professional, yet laid back and fun at the same time, which is exactly how we market our tournaments to be too. While the camera follows play for much of the video, we also try to give a little bit of a behind the scenes look at the event, taking the cameras behind the benches and walking around through the crowd. By interviewing some of the players, it gives them a chance to feel how it is “under the spotlight” and a chance to show who they really are.

Imagine a commercial without having to pay or advertise. That’s basically what this video does. We show off our product, give the customers something they enjoy and when the final video comes out, it’s something that truly represents our customers and us. YouTube offers that to many companies and other brands out there, from artists and other celebrities to stores, and that is one reason why it will continue to be successful.


About kevinsmithaz

Freshman at U of A. Bear Down. Really into hockey and music. Jeremiah 29:11.
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One Response to Genre Analysis of YouTube Video

  1. SHS–great tag. This is awesome. Good production and good analysis of why you’re using it. Free advertising indeed. Feel free to show some of these (a small clip or so) at your presentation. You’re already doing a lot of public engagement work. It’s cool to see. 10

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